Monday, October 19, 2009

Gangs,Guns and Drugs

We could conclude that if the world would stop using illegal drugs there would be no market for drugs. By the same token, if the drug traffickers would stop sending out drugs, the use would stop too.

Those are only dreams though. There is too much money to be made for the pushers to stop and people are too bent on escaping their troubles to stop using drugs. At least, as a whole. The amount of illegal drugs used is proof enough of that conclusion.

It should be no mystery, by now, that there is a lot of money in illegal drugs. People are easily willing to kill to protect their drug selling territory. That is the heart of the gang problem in this country. With Afghanistan being the largest producer of opium, it is no wonder that the Taliban protects their territory so violently.

Basically, what we have are little gangs on street corners and the big gang in Afghanistan all doing the same thing which is protecting their drug turf.

That is not a solution, but I think it states the problem. I think, we would like to think that there was some noble cause behind the unhesitating killing of innocent people but there is not. It is just greed.

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