Monday, October 19, 2009

Good Friends Gone

Something happens as we get older, we loose friends and family like apples falling off a tree. Where we used to turn to the comics, we now turn to the obits to get our jolt of the day (or week in a small town with one paper a week). It is a far cry from the younger days when every time you batted an eye, someone was getting married or having a baby. That still happens on a regular basis, but there is a core group of people in everyone's life that grows up and grows old right along with them. You loose contact, meet again renew old memories, then go off again to scout the world until one day the phone rings and there are no more memories made together.

Suddenly, this life seems so fragile and temporary. The truth is that this life has always been that way. Everyday is a miracle. Think about it, how does this machine that we call a body keep going after all we put it through. Man could never duplicate this holder of our spirit and soul.

There is something that happens as we age. We become conscious that, as miraculous as our body is, it is not all of who we are. We are a person living inside this body of flesh. We are our dreams, our character, our love and that spirit of life given to us by our Maker.

In this we have hope, that our friends and ourselves do not end with the heart attack or the dreadful disease. These things are of our flesh and will pass. It is the hope of our friends and someday ourselves being in a 'better place' that allows us to carry on beyond the solemn visits of respect to the still bodies that no longer laugh or shed a tear.

Compared to our short time in this flesh, the rest of time outside of time is large and holds us in awe at times. When I loose a member of my family or a friend, it brings peace to me to know that they are well acquainted with their Maker.


  1. Amen. Another well written and insightful post. I for one am so happy that there is more beyond this life. I only wish everyone could grasp this miracle of life everlasting, and cherish it for what it is. It makes me sad sometimes to see so many non believers.

  2. I lost a good friend, I've known since our teenage years, this past week. He was prepared for the beyond. When that last chip is down, that is truly what matters. Thank you for your visit and for the Amen.