Monday, October 12, 2009

Roman Empire, Termites and the USA

I am by no means an expert on the Roman Empire. Fact is, I'm not much of an expert on anything. I do try to keep an overview of present day events and to be a student of history. So in that light, I can see a parallel between the time before the fall of the Roman Empire and the 'goings-on' in our great country.

I cannot get the picture of how termites work out of my head. I use to be in the business of killing them, so I know a little. They live in the ground and cannot stand the light of day. They will come up through mud tunnels or towers or between concrete blocks. Anything to get to that wood. They like the house only because of what they can get from the house.

So you sit there watching your favorite television show, totally unaware that the little monsters are eating your house down around you. Someday you will slam the door and part of a wall will fall out in the floor.

We have those in our country who love the country but only for what it can provide for their own bellies. They care not about safety and security and shelter for those living within but rather only for the fullness the house provides them.

I sometimes wonder if the people even know what is meant when they are told that they are destroying the foundation this nation was built on. I can tell you it is not about letting some two-bit outfit defeat us. It is not about making friends with thieves and robbers and killers of women and children. It is not about taking money from our elderly and giving it to people who sneak into this country by bypassing the law and breaking it everyday they are here. You just can't go into a bank and rob it and make yourself the bank manager while you are there. You could expect to be arrested but that no longer happens with specialized lawbreakers.

Preserving our foundations is not about letting every little special interest group tell everyone else what they can do or what they can say. It is not about spreading all the money, in the country, out like a thanksgiving dinner for every lazy, wouldn't-work-if-I-could, person in the nation.

We are headed toward socialism, where the government takes everything and gives it to everyone. I think people ought to eat. I think children should be cared for (even if they are not born yet). I also believe in family and that Dad needs to get out there and find some money to feed his family, set some guidelines (a budget) they can live within and Mom ought to be there telling the children that money isn't everything and that you don't have to be rich to be a good citizen.

It is not about "give me, give me," and I will do. It is about I will do and you pay me for it.

The Roman Empire fell because they were eat up from the inside. Think about that.

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