Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Judgment Day

Based on history I have read in all kinds of books including the bestseller of all time - the Bible -, events that are taking place in our country cannot go without a day of reckoning.

You stack up your ABC blocks high enough and someday they will fall down, no matter how good a stacker you are. Too much is happening too fast. It is a blitz. The object of a blitz is to surprise. Do it before anyone has a chance to react, then do another play before anyone has a chance to cry foul.

A country is not a basketball that you toss around hoping it will score a point. To further use that analogy, no one man makes up a team. He can hog the ball for a while but winning the game is another matter.

I listen to the evening news, the one on ABC, and it is so blatantly bias that there is no question that it is a propaganda machine for the Obama administration. It appears that if they do not say good things all the time that they will be rejected by the administration as with FoxNews. I suppose they have this idea that he is president and won the majority that they can please the majority if they plaster his face on every segment of the broadcast and throw some favorable numbers at us. Don't explain the details of the survey or anything, that will be just fine, just do the percent. We get it.

Besides being disgusted, sad, upset, etc, I am afraid that this administration will destroy so much of this country that it will take years, even decades to rebuild. History tells us that there is a cause and effect. Of course, there are large segments of society that like what he is doing, destroying the innocent for convenience sake, spreading the use of marijuana, letting our troops down by not sending more support. The list goes on. What better way to get back at America than to get elected to the top spot and destroy it.

Yes, I am mad and no doubt this email will set off alarm bells in basements, all over the Washington area. Caution should not be directed toward an old man who is too far away and too tired to do anything much except write. Caution should be directed toward the one who has already broken his oath of office and failed in his duties as commander-in-chief. Some news outlets and certain thugs we call leaders of countries are the only ones he is pleasing right now and of course, those who go along with what they believe.

There will be a cost to pay for wasting the great gift we have been given. Freedom once gained and squandered will be difficult to regain.

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