Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Politics of War

There is a lot of talk from people who know very little about the trials of war. If I wanted a good strategy for war I'd take that of General McCrystal with his chest full of medals over the speaker of the house with her 'Proud Grandmother' bumper sticker any day.

Politicians are again bringing shame to the United States by not going at the war in Afghanistan to win. We are there, the people want us there and there is a clear mission: to kick the Taliban out, so let's get it done and come home.

You save lives by having an overwhelming force against the enemy. Right now we are letting our troops take some whippings because they do not have the resources they need. It is a shame that the general has to go to another country to get support for American troops. Congress and the president should be ashamed instead of slamming the general. He cares about his troops and so should we.

Let the military commanders do war. That is THEIR job.

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