Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Strangely Quiet

I would have expected more of an uproar over the attorney general's unilateral decision to ignore federal law and give those who would use illegal drugs a free 'get out of jail' card. Marijuana is still illegal. It is still harmful. People go to jail all the time for having it on them, loose their car, etc in many parts of the country. It is like this administration is trying to divide the country all over again. Look at the map where radical changes are taking place and compare it to the states that elected Mister Obama.

Now back to the attorney general. I believe it is true that he had to take an oath of office, as did the president, to uphold (and enforce) the laws of the United States of America. I understand that the president must have the authority as commander-in-chief to move the military forces around as he sees fit. The laws of the land are not under the authority of the commander-in-chief. They are under the executor of the constitution. The civilian president. The laws of the land were enacted using the guidelines (and demands) of the constitution. There is a legislative branch of government, there is an executive branch and there is a supreme court for entities to go to when they think the other two branches are wrong. You can't just make laws and arbitrarily make political decisions with them.

If the attorney general does not like the marijuana law, he is within his rights to ask the president to send legislation up to Congress to have the law changed. However, I believe it is a breach of his oath of office to just ignore the law and broadcast a statement telling others to ignore the law. Suppose tomorrow, he decides that meth would be a good way to treat the rest of the diseases that marijuana cannot help, will he tell everyone to go ahead and ignore those laws against making meth?

He has opened a can of worms. The problem is, though, there are so many other ridiculous things going on that illegal marijuana is dwarfed by them. The propaganda machine has been busy for years telling us of the terrible pain that marijuana relieves. I don't like pain either. I'm against it. Then, once the attorney general makes his historical decision to have people ignore federal law, we find out that a backache is sufficient reason to get a prescription for marijuana. Who doesn't have a backache, or nerve problem, or depression some days. Look at the shape the world is in. You either are affected by it or you are doped up. Even that is no reason to ignore the law. Without law, we have anarchy. You wouldn't like that.

So, he dumps it on the states. You folks do what you think is right. Yeah, we tried that once and got invaded. The feds allow states to govern themselves only when it suits the needs of the feds. In this case, it was the thing to do politically. It is a little security for the next election. Don't pull my hurts already. Besides I went through the teenage years with three leg pullers and I'm not all that easy to fool anymore.

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