Monday, November 2, 2009

Come Out and Play

It is early. A voice says 'Come out and Play'. Through sleepy eyes I look around me. No one is there. I shut my eyes. That voice again 'Come out. Let's do something.'

I look out the window. A child is there. A very young child. 'Let's do something constructive.' 'You are only a child. How do you know such big words?'

I turn over and shut my eyes. 'We can get a lot of stuff done if we start early enough.' 'Later'. I say.

'I won't be back again. This is a one time opportunity. I am a blessing to you.' I turn over and drop off to sleep.

A voice somewhat deeper and more mature calls to me. 'We still have time to make things a little better or do something that will cheer our hearts.'

'You sure grew older fast.' I said.

'That's my nature. All my relatives grow older fast or so I've heard. I never actually see them.'

I was curious now and so staggered out of bed. The troubles of my life laid heavy on my shoulders. The cares of many yesterdays made me sad. I went outside, still dragging my feet.

'Think of all the things that could be done. The sun is shining. The temperature is cooler. The leaves are beautiful. The grass has stopped growing so fast. It is all so wonderful. And see, you are able to get out of bed and walk around.' The new friend was tall now and much more mature. I listened.

'Who are you anyway?' I said not so friendly.

'I'll give you a hint. I am one of a kind although I favor my family. I am liked more than some of my cousins that will come along later in your life. I have a short lifespan. I only have this one time to make you happy.'

'You certainly are persistent.' I said.

'I have to be.' The now fully mature voice said.

'I give up. Who are you?' I said.

'I am a day. This day. I started very early before you were awake. While you slumbered, I grew to maturity. While we talked, I grew older. Soon, I will fade away into the night, never to return again. More importantly, I am a day of your life that will never come again.'

"I see." I said.

'Well, it is not too late. We can still make the best of the time we have left. Together.'

'Good idea.' I said to my friend, a new day.

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