Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Peace and Quiet

Peace and quiet, some people just cannot stand it. I think the teens call it being bored. I do not know what the older people's excuse is for disturbing it. If disturbing the peace is against the law, why are so many people still running free.

I'm not kiddin' (much), people just can't stand for it to be quiet. I'm sitting here typing this and the dumpster man next door slams down a big metal box. Reckon it's got to be done with all the trash and stuff. We sure have a lot of trash but that is another story.

I never heard the like. If anything bigger than a lawnmower backs up, you hear this irritating beeping sound. There again, it's a good thing, keeps people who are not paying attention from getting run over and it saves the driver from having to care what is behind him. I almost always walk around my vehicle before I back up. You know, kids play in the most unlikely places. Now, they better learn to duck and roll when they hear a beep.

Then, there are those folks who have a love affair with their car horn. They will pull into a yard and honk that thing like it was the fourth of July. Then everybody in the house comes pouring out, the neighbors come out to see where the fire is. The driver is oblivious to all the attention though. Their motto is 'if they put it there I'll honk it'. Then, folks going by on the road, honk, honk, honk. They honk at the neighbors on one side, then on the other side, then at the dog, at the car meeting them. Yet, these same people couldn't find a blinker if it was in their shirt pocket. 'Man, I blowed the horn, what else do you want.'

Sitting there after all the beeping, honking watching this really peaceful story on television. You hold back the tears and all the tension goes away, BAM! somebody wants to sell you something for $29.95 plus shipping and handling and they decline to tell you how much that is going to be 'Just give us your credit card and we will figure out how much to charge'. The volume in commercials is always twice that of the program. And I hate that cat on the Vlassic commercial. It cost me a good many years jumping from behind that curtain.

I haven't even left the house yet and it's a noise jungle. My guess is that all the fish that are caught around here are deaf. You remember being told to be quiet so the fish would bite. You'd have to yell these days to tell someone to be quiet. That don't make much sense if your effort to get peace and quiet is louder than the noise to start with. (Now say that backwards).

I heard a clock ticking the other night and couldn't get to sleep. We just are not accustomed to the quiet.

Now peace is another matter entirely. "Hey man, let's write us down some beliefs that tell us we can go blow up people and stuff." Really! Did half the world have traumatic childhoods? Did their mother make them wait until after supper for a sweet snack? The attitude (in reality) is if I can't have all the cake for myself, I'll just spit on it so no one can have any. We really should educate people more, there was a time when pirates were sort of looked at like good-bad guys now they are just bad guys. There was a time when killers and robbers hid in the woods and came out to rob hardworking caravan people. Maybe they called it tribute. You can't do that no more unless you build you a big building and wear a suit. This cloak and dagger stuff is out of date now. Get real.

Give me some peace and quiet or I will start slamming the door instead of turning the knob and pulling it shut gently. I'm warning you!


  1. I love peace and quiet. It's one of my favorite things. And sadly enough, it's the one thing that is very scarce these days.

  2. The article below this sort of brags on East Tennessee.