Thursday, November 5, 2009

First Oil

I had been using acrylic paint for sometime and decided to switch to oil. It is a much different paint. I like it because it stays wet longer and is easier to work with in that respect. You really have to be careful so far as making a mess. Oil paint will just keep spreading out as long as you rub it around.
Well, that is not why I put the painting up. It was my first painting with oil. A strange thing happened when I took a picture of it. I always take pictures because I am prone to give my paintings away on a moments notice which often makes me wish I hadn't later but if they bring someone joy, that's okay.
In this picture of my painting, you can see two figures standing under the tree. They appear to be holding hands. Those images were not in the original painting and only showed up in this one photo of it. It could be me and my wife, the dimensions are compatible. We would have been holding hands in such a peaceful place. I just thought I'd show it. A mystery. Did we wish ourselves into the painting? Are we really there and all this is just a dream? Did the lens have dirt on it? Do I have people in my house?


  1. Wow, Milton that is beautiful. And yes it's a mystery. I didn't know you were an artist too. Great work. Did you do the cover of your book Mother's Coat? You are so talented. I've always wished that I could paint or draw well. I would love to illustrate some of my children's stories that I've written. Do you ever illustrate any children's books?

  2. I try. Mother's Coat cover is not mine. I did put several things together to have it say what I thought was the story in the book. As for illustrating, my paintings are not always what I set out for them to be. Don't know if I could do a children's book or not. I'm no good with detail but I can smear around a glob of paint okay :) I've given away more than I sold. Still have a nice stack of my efforts. Thanks for the sweet words. Wish I had started earlier in life to develop my painting and writing.