Monday, November 16, 2009

Snow Globe Feeling

My daughter and her husband happened to be in Florida for a wedding and while they are there get to see the space shuttle take off. They're not rich, they just plan well. Anyway, my subject is the snow globe feeling.

Do you ever think about it? The world seems vast and traveling can be exhausting but how far have we really gone relative to the universe. The earth is quite a spectacle when viewed from space but when you point the Hubble the other way, the earth seems about like the golf ball those guys are looking for in the funny movies. I'm not downplaying the significance of our home at all. I find it very satisfying that the Maker of all the magnificence out there would concentrate so much effort on our little planet. I reckon we need the attention the most.

Just suppose you were out there someplace and got lost. You couldn't just dig out your compass and follow it north or south or east or west. You got a lot of north and south poles to consider. Even if you used the sun as a focal point, once you leave our solar system there are a lot of bright heavenly bodies to compete for your navigational attention.

So sometimes, I feel like one of those little flakes after a good shake. I can enjoy the ride but as far as knowing a lot about everything outside of my little space, it's beyond me. Then, if I did learn all there is to know about the little world I inhabit, what about the next shake that changes everything and what about the rest of it. You know, the stores, the homes, the ride to and fro. Where do I sit, on a store shelf or in a loving home?

So take off space shuttle, like a dragon buffing fire and smoke, you are a beautiful sight to behold. But know in the big scheme of things, you are but a firefly in the night and I can but float here in awe of the hand that holds me.

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