Friday, November 20, 2009

Health Care Bill

The Health Care Bill that is creeping through Congress like the green slime is the most dangerous thing since Japanese subs crept around the Pacific Ocean during World War II. They're good folks now but then they were up to no good.

For one thing, if passed, it will most likely include the public option which gives the government control over health insurance coverage. That is socialism. That is another freedom taken away.

Secondly, it will most likely end up making abortion a part of the legal code instead of merely a supreme court ruling.

Thirdly, it will tax the American people into bankruptcy. Every dollar the government takes from private citizens to build programs, that they obviously cannot police, will take dollars they would other wise spend in stores, malls, car name it. When the price of gas went up, because the government let speculators run free, the economy stumbled because those were dollars that would have been spent at businesses which are now closed. People not having those dollars to spend leads to closings, layoffs and the mess we have been in for sometime.

Fourthly, the system is not broke, it just needs looking after. Doctors and hospitals raise their prices to cover law suits from people who just got sick and are looking for someone to blame. The government could fix things better by eliminating fraud in such organizations as Medicare, not punishing those who are helped by Medicare.

Fifthly and in the same vein. Our biggest problem in this nation is government involvement. Almost without exception, if the government is involved, it cost too much and money is filtered off for some idiotic program or individual wealth. Even if they came up with a perfect bill, it would be polluted by little paragraphs and pork spending just to get a vote from some congressman. In the end, all the tax I pay in my life would go to some playground for polar bears that will melt when spring comes.

The communist tried this universal stuff and it was a failure. Failure was the only thing universal about it.

Our Congress needs to shred this idea and go fix something that needs fixing.

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