Friday, November 13, 2009

Where is the War?

We all focus on Iraq and Afganistan and those are real issues. Terrorist cannot be allowed to win whereever we play the game. Bobby Fisher knew that when he played chess during the cold war.

Unfortunately, much of our country is in a war zone. Just up the road the tally is up to 67 in one city for deaths, mostly among young people. It is turf war, over property they do not even own most likely.

Strangely, we are protecting a nation that is the biggest producer of heroin which probably has a direct relation to the 67 deaths in the city ... right up there.

You cannot defeat the terrorist when the policy changes after each election. The least one president could do is support his predecessor in things concerning terrorist. There needs to be consistence. The terrorist certainly are. I'm sure they appreciate the pause in our decision making.

So, Where is the war? It is all around us. You cannot put borders on it. My personal belief is that if drugs did not pay so well and the United States was not the biggest market for drugs, that much of the world's violence would stop.

I wish they would lace the dope with red food dye so we could see who all was using. They are promoting all this killing by using. Yep. Drug users are part of the conspiracy and have some responsibility for the killings back down the line to where it is transported and produced.

Drug users need to 'man-up' and get some help. Celebs need to donate the money they make off their tell-all books to programs to help children get off drugs or not write them at all. Make a million using enhancing drugs then make another million with a book about it, ought to be ashamed.

The war is all around us. The reason for these attacks is not some noble cause or religion. It is about money and keeping the drug routes open.

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