Monday, November 23, 2009

Worse than Rude

I should not be surprised. It is just a reminder of why I hate going out in public to do anything. Shopping is the worst of the anythings that I hate to do.

With all the hype they have over special sales, it is no wonder people are knocking each other over to get the 'last one' of something. Some guy, with a pocket full of money, probably stays home just to keep from getting hurt. Not me. I just stay home to avoid pushy people. No pocket full of money here. I think they would make more sells if they would just have a pleasant atmosphere to shop in.

BUT the grocery store should be a slow methodical place to shop. You know. Look at the labels. Shop for specials. Turn the meat over and over to see if it has been sprayed with food color. It is not so anymore. People go through the grocery store like it was the last crop that was going to be harvested. You can forget that part about people pulling together if we have a national disaster of some sort. If peoples attitude (some people) is an indication of how they would act in a disaster, it would be the SUV syndrome: "I'm the biggest thing on the road and if any one dies, it won't be me." That attitude spills over into other areas.

My little story. I was at the ham cooler in the grocery store. Clearly there first and trying to take as little space as possible. THIS LADY came over with the meat manager and apparently thought she needed the whole side of the cooler (20 feet long or so). Of course, she had the authority. She had the meat manager with her. I thought I'd look anyway then her husband and three kids spread out along the side where I was. I couldn't even get my buggy past them and had to back out and around. The part that really gripped me was that they did not even know I was there. It was like they were pushing the bushes back while on a hike through the woods. They were dressed nicer than me. I didn't know they were having a special event. While she has the meat man to read the labels and move the hams around for her. Her husband stands close and surveys the crowd to make sure she has her space.

Thirty minutes later while we checked out without a ham, she was still back there having the meat man pick up the hams and then another and another, with her brood around her. Her husband ready with the cell phone in case someone else wanted to buy something. I was looking to buy several hams for gifts.

I saw them as I pulled out of the parking lot. They were rushing out in an SUV ignoring stop signs and turn signals going to their fancy subdivision probably to complain about the ham the meat man pushed off on them.

Being taken as just another obstacle and ignored as a human being is the worst of insults. It is worse than rude.

I visualize people like that being on the school board and raising the mileage rate so our tax bill will be higher. That's a little trick they use. One politician tells us the taxes will not go up, then the school board raises the mileage rate to balance their budget. It is like going in the back door at the bank to rob it.

There. I feel better.

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