Wednesday, November 4, 2009

THE Holidays

We are coming up on a season that brings joy and sadness, work and play, hope for the future and reflection on the past. Some people get into the mood of the holidays and just smile and smile right through the New Year. Thank God for those people. They give us smiles and we sure need them. Others face depression this time of year for reasons they may not understand themselves. Some depression comes for valid reasons such as a loved one that will not be at the table this year, a terrible loss during the previous months, the list is endless.

My heart goes out to those who battle depression, my hope for them is that they will find a measure of peace to carry them through. There are a lot of cool sayings that could fit here but I will refrain from using them. They don't help. I often experience a feeling of gloom during this time of year. I can't give you a reason. It just happens.

Perhaps it is because it is the season for giving and we always have so little to give. Perhaps it is my acute awareness of the troubles in the world: of children suffering, of broken homes, lost jobs, lost homes and the ever present DUI's and family feuds. Every ray of hope seems to be dashed by such things as these. It is almost like I am afraid to be happy for a moment, afraid that it is my joy that brings on the opposite reaction of sadness for another. But I know that I'm not so important that I could cause such things.

In the midst of these feelings, I usually reach out and grasp a few moments of goodness. Where there is little to eat, we often invite someone to share what there is. Don't take that as bragging, we should do it more during the year. Where our home seems inadequate at times, give thanks that it is dry and warm where we sleep. Try to treasure the phone call even more when a visit does not happen. Rejoice that family is happy and going on with their life even if they are not able or are to busy to visit those who are growing old and cannot travel well.

Most of all and I think what brings me peace during these days is the fact that we are 'wonderfully made' and that being the case, we are not forsaken but rather watched over as a mother hen watches over her chicks.

Yea, it's a tough time sometimes but it's a tough time for other people too. We have to stop looking in the mirror and look to those others. We have to stop reaching out empty hands to receive and reach out a hand with something in it to give.

So hang in there this season, you are important. Someone needs you.

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