Thursday, January 28, 2010


I do not want a dog and I do want a dog. Crazy right? I have had several dogs. Some of them were family dogs, some of them were, what I would consider, my dogs. I have only had one cat. I named him Nebuchadnezzar. He was mean and bit me. No offense, I do not like cats. A good dog, however, is priceless.

We had a dog named Butch. He was a collie. I do not know exactly which kind but he was rather small and of a lighter color. No long nose. Butch was a good farm dog and very good around children. Once my Mom spanked my brother for crawling off our high porch backwards. Butch saw her. The next day we heard him (my brother)crying and when we went out there (we wouldn't far away anyway), there was Butch with one foot on my brother's back stopping him from crawling off the porch. Collie's learn very fast.

There was another dog that was of the collie breed but he was black and white. He was smaller than Butch but very quick. When I went up on the hill to pray, he would always go with me. He never bothered me and would lay down a few feet away. He just came to our house one day. I called him Traveler. He left the same way. Guess he got homesick for his real home.

We had another dog that we raised from a puppy. His name was Major. He was a mean looking black German Police. He wasn't only mean looking, he would try to assault any trespassers. We had to keep a tight lease on him. His genetics controlled him more than we could. I think he got stolen but I cannot be sure.

Buck was a good dog. He was reddish color with short soft hair. Good natured too. We were down on our luck while we had him and lived out in the woods in a camper. Buck did okay. He found a neighbor that ate better than us and so really had two homes. Once he came running down the hill after me and was looking back over his shoulder while he ran. He about knocked me over when he hit my legs at full speed. There was a big old owl that use to swoop down after him but he was too fast for it. We left him with the guy who could afford to feed him steak.

The last dog I had came to us (I think someone put him out). He would not leave and looked rather mean. I was afraid he might bite someone. Since he would not leave, I made friends with him. He became my pet. I never had any trouble getting him to do what I said. He did not like for us to leave the house and would try to follow us. He was named Dog and was part chow and part shepherd. His prior training was his downfall. He was apparently taught (in a prior life) to keep children out of the road. So when a little girl came by the house, he latched onto the bicycle wheel and held it. I was not home then. They tried to get him to turn loose but, in the dogs mind, he was rescuing the little girl. Someone thought it was aggression and shot the dog. I can understand. The little girl is much more important. Thing is, I do not want another dog because I do not want to loose another dog. I find it very sad that people do not keep up with their dogs better and train them correctly, i.e. where the property lines are located.

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