Thursday, January 14, 2010

State of America

We have been and are going through some hard times in America. It seemed very gloomy a year ago and with good reason. It was mostly because of greed on Wall Street and in huge banks. There they play with money like it was never going to go away. They reward each other with big bonuses and claim it is because their talent is so valuable. I cannot see the value in managers who let their companies go under and who take chances with other peoples money.
They did not learn their lesson last year as evidenced by their actions now. The money is flowing again thanks to the American people. Still people are getting kicked out of their homes. Where is the promised help? I think the attitude by Washington and Wall Street is to just let it run its course and make what they can off the situation. There is no compassion, only words.
One banker said 'it's complicated' like the American people are too ignorant to understand. We understand alright. The government and big banks are like vacuum cleaners made for the sole purpose of sucking all the money they can get out of the American people and the economy. If it were blood, we would be down to just enough to sustain life. Of course, they think that is all we need since we are too ignorant to know what to do with more.
I think it is time for everyone in America to go local. Bank local. Buy local. There is not much we can do about Washington DC. They will take what they want, by force if necessary, to run their pet projects. They will soft-soak us with 'support the troops' (like we would let them down) then proceed to waste money on junk.
My country is very dear to me. This is not criticism of America. It is criticism of those who think America is their own gold mine to take out what ever they well please. It is money they want, so, let us deny them that money. I think most can do without credit cards. It is a ripoff. They let you use their money then charge you gangster interest on it. It is nothing less than a title pawn or a payday loan. When Americans learn to live within their means, Americans will not be so easy to scam.

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