Friday, January 29, 2010

Getting Visitors to My Blog

I guess most bloggers would like to have some folks stop by and read what they write. You know our deepest thoughts on any number of chosen subjects. The current events of Washington DC and the New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street.

Getting those visitors from the millions is tough because it seems that websites are like opinions. We all got ours. I often wonder what tricks people use. There are many. Some may insert a lot of senseless words and phrases into the post which are not visible to the human eye but work very well with the search spiders roaming around websites. They might mention some new movie or a celeb who slipped and fell or found a new beau. It would ring a bell someplace and there you go with the hits. Maybe that's not it.

I don't think it is quality content because I have seen some strange sites at the top of search engines. Often, I have to go down to find a site that has useful information. It is a mind boggling experience to do research on live Internet. You never know if it is true or not.

Maybe people study current events and insert those key words i.e. Haiti, earthquake, fishing in Alaska, mudslide or snow storm. It may have nothing to do with the article but provides words that will get people there when they do a search of a word or phrase that is popular.

This posting is basically nonsense. I am doing it as an experiment to see if any of these words will pick up strangers coming to my website. If they come, maybe some of what I have to say will make them want to come back. Maybe not. We will check the counter to see if my meter runs up. I could throw in making money online and probably get a few hits but that would not be fair to those who actually need to make money online. I already put it in so I guess I will leave it since I already explained that this is an experiment. You could call it research. You could call it curiosity. I've written about dogs, politics, cows, rain and just a whole range of subjects. So we'll see if this works so next time I will know how to get visitors. I won't cheat though, I'd just like to know. Here's hoping for a landslide of people checking out my writing and thinking.

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