Friday, January 15, 2010

Earthquake Victims

I'm getting flashback to Katrina with the way rescue efforts are NOT going on in Haiti (sp). Somebody had it right, no one is in charge. I was just a lowly sergeant but I could form a human chain and pass out some water and food pkgs. The local people could be organized to clean a street by hand so relief could get in. Helicopters could fly over and spot crowds of people and return with a water and food drop. It does not have to be a huge bureaucracy before some help can be sent in.

They need to get off their duff. I am sure someone would raise cane if the military took charge for a while to get the stuff moving but it will take such an organization that is already organized in a change of command to get it done.

The administration seems to be more interested in the election for Kennedy's seat than for the hurting people over there.

I'm a little mad over the whole thing. I can imagine the people must think those in charge of relief efforts are a bunch of nuts.

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