Thursday, January 21, 2010

People and Cars Everywhere

The new Republican Senator from up north, when asked about future plans for president, said to give him some time "...I haven't even been down to Washington yet." So, he is in for a surprise. He should take his truck and put on bumper guards.

I have had the misfortune of driving in and around D.C. It is nightmarish. I could not help but wonder if the driving frenzy on the roads also drives the attitudes in the halls of Congress. They are bound to be in a bad mood by the time they get to work. No wonder Biden takes the train. Even D.C. drivers would think twice before bullying a train. (I think.)

I am building to a point. Getting something done in D.C. must be like working in a room where there is standing room only or in the crowd on 'black' Friday. It is just too crowded.

My solution to this problem is workable in our day of advanced communication. I would suggest moving some federal agencies out of D.C. altogether. For example, the Agriculture department could be moved to the Midwest where a lot of the farming goes on. If they want to tell the president or Congress something, they could send a couple of reps out. The department of Natural Resources could go even further west, perhaps to Montana. And so on!

I think it is a good idea. It would not have worked in 1776 but it would now. Even those in D.C. probably talk on their berry phones anyway.

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