Monday, January 18, 2010

Shipping and Handling

Have you fell for the 'shipping and handling' scam yet? You see these great deals on television where you get one free and all you have to pay is shipping and handling. I've seen the back door discussion on these deals. 'They' tell sellers to make their shipping and handling enough to cover their cost and make a little extra. Often the offer does not say what the shipping and handling is going to be and they want you to leave your credit card number.

I know it is an old scam but I just felt like mentioning it again. Typically, the shipping will be much less than is charged, i.e. 4 bucks for postage with a charge of 10 bucks.

Some offers are real and they will show a shipping cost upfront for us to choose from, i.e. postage or 2 day and so on.

We should all look at those television deals more closely and when we see that thingado we would love to have, check out the fine print and think several times before giving out important information to an 800 number. Caution and restraint is the best route.

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