Friday, February 20, 2009

Brown Paper Bag

Bag, poke, know, it's what you tote your lunch to school or work in. People who hyper-ventilate also use them to blow in when they have an attack. Perhaps it would be good to send a few to Wall Street and maybe even to Washington. They are for sure having a panic attack. Throw money at the fire, that will put it out for sure.

I've thought about Wall Street and it may be true what the old people said way back...that it was like gambling. We can kick it around to see. You take a working man who has enough money in his pocket to pay his bills and support his family. He remembers stories of a place where he could take his paycheck and double it maybe triple it, maybe even win the big one. Well, he didn't win and came home with empty pockets. The wife and children had a tough week ahead. He thought about it all week, no lunch money but he could handle it, he thought more. He was a pro now, last time the casino tricked him but he is old school now and come Friday, he'd show 'em. Tired and nervous, his wife begged him not to go, the children wanted to play ball that evening. ' You'll see, I got it figured out.'

Late in the night, he comes home. His pockets are empty, the gas tank is empty. Everyone wakes up sad. Monday, the power is turned off and he has to borrow money from his parents to get it turned back on.

Now take Wall Street and read the above scenario over again. Isn't it that even when people have enough, they still want to step up that ladder quicker than the normal will take them? Double-down, double-or-nothing...well, people are there waiting for people to prove they can beat the system. Most cannot!

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