Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Visit a Government Website

Quite often, I go to government websites, just snooping around or actually looking for something which I usually don't find. There is so much information, it is hard to find it. Mostly, I am amazed at the duplication involved in government. It is like kudzu (creeping leguminous vine), it just grows and grows. With all that cyber-power, about the best they can do is send an auto-respond message thanking you for your message, opinion, insight and concern. 'We regret, however, due to the large volume of ....'

I'd like to see a little consolidation, how about it? You'd think they could put some of the operations together. You wouldn't believe the rivalry...it is like the playoffs to see who wins the budget payoff. Even the secretaries have secretaries and they have assistants.

They all have computers, buy printer paper, pens, toilet paper, towels, chairs, desks, break rooms, bathrooms, the floors have to be vacuumed, vacuum cleaners, or waxed, wax and mops and someone to operate them, cafeterias, day cares, cars, gas, tires, preventative maintenance, Wow, I'm out of breath! And offices all over the place. And few are authorized to talk about what they do and probably cannot help with a problem without consulting a lawyer or judge.

I ain't knocking the country. It is the red tape express that runs it that gets me all tore up.

While I'm on the bandwagon, how about building a bicycle or horse trail along the interstate highways or country roads so when gas goes up we can park the cars and while you are working put solar panels on them for roofs to produce electricity. I'd like to see a little innovation instead of the same old stuff. Plan ahead people!!

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