Friday, February 13, 2009

Flying Around

You know Air Force One is a nice plane. I have thought about seeing if I could use it for a weekend. It is the people's property is it not. I think our new president likes the jet too. He has less than a month in office and already he is touring around telling the people he feels their pain. I think one of his stops probably cost a million dollars at least. I figured if he stayed home and sent the million to the town he is visiting, he could provide about $50,000 a year income for a whole neighborhood for several years. What failing business could not put people back to work with that much cash to grow their business. I was looking at some of the details of the so-called stimulus package, it starts out at around 800 billion and will result in anywhere between 400 dollars and up or down depending on whether the person stands on both feet and props one on the wall, has naturally colored hair or uses artificial color ... just kiddin', I think, but you get the idea. I could use some money to buy a freezer to put up some veggies this season. The guy working in the freezer factory could use the work it would generate. It seems pretty simple what they should do. But it will get all mixed up in red tape and overhead and by the time people get any help the crisis will be solved, not by government, but by the spirit of Americans who always hunker down and put their shoulder against the load. Government is not the cure, it is just another obstacle we have to overcome to get where we need to be. An example of how government hinders instead of helping is they raise taxes and fees to compensate for lost revenue when the economy takes a downturn. I know they talk about tax breaks but on the local level, government is playing their own game to keep their local government paychecks coming. Anyway, I was speaking of flying around. The government spends so much money and their wheels trying to fix a problem, there is no money left to fix the problem.

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