Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Digital Television

How is it going with the digital television transition at your house? We are not ready.

I have talked to the providers but they seemed, well, sorta 'I gotcha.' So, I did not sign up for dish or cable. The phone company I've been with for umteen years wants a credit card so that done me there. We do not use plastic. It is another story but I guess I am old fashion that way. We were raised that if you did not have the money to buy it do without it. Maybe the credit card thing is so they can sap ya for unforeseen charges then say oops when you catch them. I don't know. Cable likes to say 'for the first six months' but do you know how fast 6 months goes these days. Why just six months ago yesterday, I thought this day would never get here and still I am not ready for it. How much after six months will it be. I've heard stories...

I got instructions off the internet to build an antenna for DTV but have not got it to reach the 45 miles I need to get the usual stations. One fellow told me he use to use a bicycle rim but that was with analog so the neighbors kids bicycles are safe. Just kiddin', I did see a discarded one though. I bought a Phillips but it is a 20 miler and I don't have enough coax to set it up half way. Some one would probably run over the cable anyway.

Since half the stuff is unfit or a rerun anyway, I think the computer is the way to go. I'm thinking of getting a video card to take some of the strain off by CPU. Reckin' that would work? Yea, Hula works fine. Thanks my friend. Eventually, it will all be on computer anyway, just as soon as they figure out how to tax every program.

How are you dealing with this turn of events? Are you ready? By the way, who won the Daytonna race?

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