Thursday, February 26, 2009

Their Little Trick

The way to get something over on the American people is to give it a name and keep calling that name over and over. It is like having a pretty basket. (Is it ok for men to say pretty?) You really like the design and the ease of handling but there is no telling what gets put in the basket. Such is the so-called stimulus gizmo. It all started out as a way to give the banks a lift so they could give the people a lift and get the economy going again. Now it is just another basket for our federal government and the new administration, to stuff their programs in. The basket has gotten so heavy it will take generations to move it from one place to another.

It is the same way they wrap other things like war. They put that in the patriotic basket whether the war is necessary or the right way to solve a particular problem. Of course, we will support the troops once they are in harms way but that does not make a particular war the correct way to handle a particular situation. Our problem with war is that we are excellent at getting into one but we are clueless on how to give the country back and get out. We do not have a rapid response program regardless of our fast moving aircraft and ships. We need to learn how to get out when the time comes.

I am not against standing up for ourselves. I am against being tricked into thinking something is this when in reality it is that.


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