Thursday, February 19, 2009


Drugs seem to be the sub root of many of the world's problems. I say sub root because there is a reason why so many people turn to something that clouds reality. It could be fear, depression, a good time. I really do not know. The reason people sell drugs is obvious: money. The sellers want to live above their means and are willing to destroy who ever it takes to reach their desired lifestyle. They will destroy an individual, a family or a nation. We are all witnesses to this truth in our lifetime.

Many factors have made the world field a playground for illegal drug sellers. It is not just one generation either. The sellers of the 60's have either died out or gone into politics. Yet, there seems to be a never ending supply of people who are willing to take up arms against others including individuals, neighborhoods and nations. I am not bragging on them. They will get theirs.

One thing that has happened to our country is an individuals right and a parent's right to adequately defend themselves and others. While drug sellers shoot and run and the police find them illusive and seemingly uncatchable, the regular citizen who defends his children and property goes home and the police know exactly where to find him. He is not a coward, running and hiding. He is at home. Supposedly, we still have the right to defend. All you got to do is prove that that was what you were doing in court. 'Course, who can afford a lawyer. So, I think, many good people are taking up space in prison that should be filled by drug sellers.

Drug sellers know the system is all backwards. I'm not knocking the police. They try, most of them. Some are bought and paid for by the drug sellers. No. I don't know which ones. But drug sellers are counting on citizens just staying out of the way and letting them do their thing.

I am not pushing any kind of uprising, or street warfare. I do think the system is lopsided toward the drug sellers. An army of police cannot clean up the streets. It takes average citizens who will not let the drug sellers have their way on the streets and in the neighborhoods. It takes reporting crimes. It takes people sucking-it-up and quitting drugs so there will be no market. Using drugs is being party to all the killing. Yep! It is a conspiracy. Drug sellers shoot and kill and intimidate their way to the drug user so they can escape reality for a few minutes or days.

Mexico got me on this bandwagon. There is a war going on just south of our border. A country that was pulling itself into the 21st century is being pulled back into the dark ages by people who are killing to get drugs to the United States. We ought to be ashamed. The people who are dying are often men who have families that they wish to protect. We ought to be ashamed for being the number one market for drugs.

'Daddy can I have a new pair of shoes?' 'No. I got to buy dope.'

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