Monday, February 16, 2009


What has?

The first month of this administration may be a clue to the rest of the four years.

Let me see, the president went to the White House to have a meeting or two and get some pictures taken. He flew around in Air Force One for a while and I think went to Camp David and will soon be in Colorado.

Hillary is in Japan. Bill still trumps her on the tube.

We just can't find a commerce secretary that wants the job. The people who do want those high paying jobs forgot to pay their taxes. It was an oversight! but still....

The country just went further in debt than its ever been and their are two more spending packages to go. We are going to have to sell something to make ends meet. Maybe the corporate jet?

At no time in history, in no place in the world were more people rewarded so much for doing so many things wrong.

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