Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Washington Leadership and such...

You know...I don't know if this is going to work out. Having two sets of rules (one for us and one for them) just seems wrong to me. They have the best insurance, we have to scratch up what we can and loose it if the job goes down. They get new cars, planes while we are making do with something that was probably under water in Katrina. They get real serious (and critical) when it comes to the sacrifice citizens must make but it is a big joke if someone points out government waste.

Mister John McCain stood up to express his concern over the cost of the president's new helicopter and the president made a big joke out of this great man's concern. Hey, a billion dollars would sure help out in our neighborhood. But no, it is all funny when it is their stuff. I do not like it when it is hands off of their stuff and give away ours and our grandchildren...

Speaking of giving away, AIG is obviously a black hole parading as a Wall Street sunflower. If they can't get by with a few billion, let 'em sink. It is a big mess anyway, so why keep on stirring in the same ol' mudhole. So people will be out of work, at least if they quit putting money there and other places, there will be some money left for people to start new businesses and these people can go to work for an honest company or at least one that can manage itself.

Hillary is giving 900 million to Gaza (the ones who are sending rockets to Israel with bombs on them) and so is the government, not us, we don't support terrorist nations, well, I'm all confused. Where did she get that kind of money? She was broke and in debt after the campaign. Oh yea, she works for the government.

Two sets of rules: One set says the government goes on flying high while rule number two tells Americans to tighten the belts, it will be a sacrificial time for us. It ain't right but that has never stopped them before. It is overused lately but it is true, 'they just don't get it'. They have no clue what is really going on in real America. I mean do they know that the price of 'shower curtain liners' has gone up from a dollar to three times that amount since China had to shut down their shower curtain factory. I doubt it..do they know that we are still scared to eat peanut butter...the nuts have gone nuts. Do they know that crime is on the rise because of the economy mess, including white collar crime and the legal crime where we are overcharged and stuff. By the way, I found 50 lbs of potatoes for under $10 the other day. We got 'em stacked up and will have taters 10 different ways for some time to come.

I am not just down on the new president. He is just doing what the others do, sit down and enjoy the ride. The Washington machine will keep on grinding along.


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