Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Something bothers me about our efforts in Afghanistan. I have no problem with finishing the job. I do have a problem with our tax dollars going to a corrupt government. Their president does look rather prosperous for a country struggling with such a war. I do not know if he is a corrupt leader or not but if we knew it, why has he been getting our money for so long?

The real thing that bothers me, at least the one I was thinking about the last couple of weeks, is the news footage of the military units getting ambushed. They seem to always be on the lowest ground around with the enemy on the high ground. That is a violation of basic military strategy.
In every thing that I have read and in all the training while I was a member of the military, you are suppose to always take the high ground. Also, you do not trust your safety to the immediate camp but are to set up outpost so that you can see the enemy coming.

The way to protect the towns is not to make our military a target in the cities, that is where the Afgan folks can do the most good, but take the routes the enemy would use, i.e. the high ground. Anytime you go marching down a valley, you are inviting someone on the ridges and mountains around you to take up positions in a trap.

It looks good to have our military walking through the streets but that is false security. They need to be out on the trails stopping the supply routes.

Where did our generals go to school anyway? Or is it as I suppose, some civilian calling the shots?

My opinion.

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