Monday, December 7, 2009


We had a little snow in North Georgia (US) this past weekend. It was a little. It was pretty. It is all gone. As one who lived through the blizzard of '93 and the deep freeze of the 60's, that is enough for me. Come on spring time.
Sawyer leaving ABC GMA. Well, okay.
Troops leaving for training, then the war right here before Christmas. With all the planning, I cannot see why they did not let them wait another month. That's the top brass of the military. They think the more the troops suffer, the better job they are doing. Obama should have considered that in his orders. To put it out there again, they waited all this time to do something, why not wait one more month.
On that girl in Italy who just got convicted, it seems they don't have much respect for evidence but I don't know the whole story. It should be a lesson for parents sending their children off to foreign countries. Maybe it should be a lesson to tourist as well. I wonder what sort of political payback this is.
Editorial: One thing about going off to get to carry a gun and protect yourself. Around here you just grab a stick and take your chances.

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  1. We got a small coating of snow here in TN over the weekend but not much to brag about. It was pretty. Made it seem more like Christmas though.

    I agree with you on all counts in your post.