Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Those Young Terrorist

It is difficult to find sympathy for a young man who would strap explosives to himself and try to kill hundreds of innocent people simply because they live in a certain country, in this case, the United States. Like the citizens of any country, all our citizens do not agree with all the decisions made by our government. That is not, however, the point of my discussion.

I'd like to zero in on the young man with the bomb. Most who have had their story told are discouraged with their life in some way. They apparently feel like losers. They feel like life has given them a raw deal and so they search for someway to get back at the world. That is not the way for a man to go. It is a cheap way out. The manly thing to do is to take life by the horns and deal with it. It is not necessary to take some action on the world stage to be important in this world. I think the most important people in the world are those who serve their family and community in obscurity for their whole life. They are the backbone of any society. They exist all over the world. They keep plodding on while governments do what they do. They will be around after governments are dissolved.

So for the young man who searches for those terrorist groups so they can make a statement, I would say make a statement, but by not being used by thugs who are too big a coward to strap a bomb on themselves. They must seek out some vulnerable young person to die just so they can be the head of some outlaw gang. Young person, you do not have to die to prove a point. Educate yourself on the subject and lead people toward peace. Words can sway more people than bombs. Of course, bombs hurt. Bombs take away parents that would be there for young people just like you had the bomb not taken them away. If hurt is all there is, then we as a species are lost.

Yes. Young people are being used to do the dirty work of terrorist leaders who hide in the cracks of society. In the end, they crave power and are quick to let their own people die to keep it. Don't be a dork, or what ever the proper term is for someone being used, these people seek you out or are on the alert for discouraged people to use. Don't let them. Your life will end and they will keep spreading their message of hate.

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