Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Where was Homeland Security?

The talk concerning the recent terrorist attack is all about a report that was on a desk prior to the failed attack. It was my understand that Homeland Security was suppose to be the one body that put all the information from all the agencies together. It was a clear failure of failing to fulfill that mission.

Why do terrorist pick such a time of year to attack? I think because someone thought 'it could wait until after Christmas'. That is unacceptable in that type of work. It should be a time of high alert when every bit of information is taken seriously.

It is not the agents in the field who are to blame. They are producing the information. The problem, as usual, is in Washington DC. Political appointees just do not get it. They cannot just sit there because they are buddies with the president. They have a job to do.

I think it is time for the administration to take terrorism seriously so the terrorist will take this administration seriously.

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