Thursday, December 10, 2009

A deer, a Tree and Me

I wrote this in response to Leeuna Foster 's story about her husband's hunting skills. She is so understanding, all the way to the mall in fact.

There once was a deer and a tree
the one in the tree was me.
I had a gun and was having fun
Until those sad eyes looked at me.
I threw down my gun and started to run
With the deer close behind.
I climbed over dead trees and
jumped some stumps.
Then fell in the creek
getting soaked to my ….
Lo and behold when I finally looked up
there stood the deer taking a sup.
We stared and stared with nothing to say
until the deer started to run away.
“Wait a minute,” I said, He stopped and waited
“don’t tell my wife this happened.”
“Oh, I won’t,” the deer said, “trust me.
My friend on your wall won’t either.”
I thought about that, picked up my hat
wondering if I should go get my gun.
When across the sky like a streak of light,
a sleigh passed, short one reindeer.

1 comment:

  1. Hahahaha. Loved it, Milton. I'll have the honey read it and see if that's ever happened to him. :)