Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Health Care Bill

I have been pretty rough on Congress concerning the health care bill that is wobbling through their halls. I have tried to understand some of the stuff. It is not easy. Most of what I have read leans one way or the other and it is difficult to understand the real meat of the bill. The fear that always stalks me is that what ever good there is will have parasite amendments attached to it which are dangerous even though the original intent may have been good.

The media does little to help me understand.

The main thing for the Democrats will be that they 'got it done'. They will probably say that others have tried and others have fought against us but we did it. What ever comes out will be a joint effort although the majority will have their way.

Ours is a republic. We elect people who become our official doers in Washington. I suppose we will have to trust them. It is somewhat like being led in the dark though. I do not know which is which but for those who are sincere in their efforts to help the American people, thank you. For the others who are using their office to serve some personal agenda, shame on you.

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