Monday, December 21, 2009

End of the Year

Let the year end just any time now. I am ready. I like the Christmas season and the reason for it all although I am afraid many forget the real story.

It is the end of the year buzz that bothers me. Taxes comes just before Christmas. Those telemarketers try to beat the last of the year quota by cheating on the 'do not call list'. All they want is a slight 'okay' and there comes the stuff you don't have to keep but send it back in the same package and call this number.... etc and etc. Please hang up, I'm waiting for a call. Then, besides property taxes (did I mention it comes just before Christmas) there is the annual water bill increase and the county talking about the budget. We all know what that means. The option of cutting out that project, we will only hear about sometime later, is off the table so raising taxes is the only thing that is left.

Too, we can all stand in anticipation of whether we will pay more federal taxes or get a dab back.

All the stores are trying to get the last dollar we have with black Friday, cyber-Monday, super-Saturday and those items that are really suppose to be $80 bucks but they are giving them to us for a mere $9.99.

I understand, I really do. I like some of the people who work in these stores and I know they do not make policy and such and what we spend helps them keep their job. BUT it is enough. I am tired of being sold. I just want to get on past the end and start over next year. Maybe, it will be better. Maybe, it will be more peaceful. Maybe, there will be a jubilee year and governments will declare a no tax year. Maybe, I'll be 25 years old again and my military service will be finished and I get a fantastic job with a wall street proof retirement.

Well, maybe my ears will get a rest for a few months until they put up the Christmas decorations again and start advertising the first sale.

I wish the terrorist would just all decide that they got it wrong and go plant a garden and feed their families.

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  1. Haha- I get to the week of and am just ready for it to be there already. I'm actually excited about New Year's Eve, though, because for the first year in, well, years...I actually have plans! Hooray!