Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Things I Wonder About

It is probably me just getting old and grumpy. Things make me wonder though.

You take healthy eating: Salads are good eatin'. I bought one the other day at the grocery store. It was a small one and my wife and I split it. Then, I got to wondering...did they wash those vegetables before they made the salad? Did they wash the container they put it in? They wear gloves, but just what all do they do with those gloves on? I have seen them brush their hair back and then go back to the food with the same hand. I don't get mad at them for it, they are just working folks. These hand actions are so involuntary that I doubt they even know they are doing it, but still a healthy salad can become unhealthy real quick.

And what about the meat? Is that good looking piece of beef really beef or some other animal that wondered into the pasture? I know generally what beef taste and looks like but I have to be honest, I do not know what giraffe meat looks like or buffalo for that matter. I am also suspicious about some of the tricks they might use to make the meat have that special color we all like. Don't let me turn you against it, I was just wondering.

Just a little hint. I have been in the warehouse of a grocery store and it made me start washing the tops of all our can goods before opening them. I won't explain but you should wash your cans. When you open the can, where does the lid go before you fish it out? Right. Right in the top of the contents.

Now on to something else I wonder about. Why is it that people who never want to talk or listen will suddenly want to do both when you are writing or reading? Maybe it is because they suddenly realized that we are intelligent because we are sitting there giving advice to the world or soaking up information. I am not mad at them. I was just wondering. I think it is the nice thing to do and listening to others should take priority over personal endeavors but what about the rest of the time when you could not get their attention by beating a kitchen pan with the broom?

Also, If I was a child and believed in that sort of thing would Santa Claus be putting up a tree every year for his family? I mean, he is gone anyway. Does he bring back presents from all over the world? Does he ever get mixed up in apartment buildings? I think our blessings come from an entirely different giver but it is a cute story anyway. Now Frosty the Snowman is another matter. He is a sight, that fellow. I wonder if he eats snow cream for nourishment or if ice cubes are his popcorn.

You may not have the answers to all these questions, that's okay, I was just wondering.

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