Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Television Shows

I must confess I watch a few shows on television. I watch the news although I know it is bias. By listening closely to see who or what the media is promoting, I can decide more clearly that I disagree with what ever it might be. Besides the news, I like the old shows too. You know, Andy and Barney. Some of the new shows intrigue me as well. I like science fiction and solving crimes, so, NCIS, Criminal Minds and Fringe caught my attention.

It bothers me, though, that writers throw in these lines with double meanings that have nothing to do with the character speaking the lines or the plot of the story they are telling. It is as if they are trying to include that segment of society that speaks and hears only with a gutter mentality. You can tell that even the characters are uncomfortable with saying what is written for them. Then, of course, there is the hidden agenda where the producers of the shows try to squeeze in their own political or other orientations. Thinks that would not even be allowed on a job application.

The worst are those series where the actor makes so much money that he/she can now insist on directing or producing the show. I have never seen a good movie where the actor directed himself. It just does not work well. Maybe some can pull it off but not that I've seen.

We have watched Smallville since it first started. It was a nice story about the younger days of Superman. Then, the children got out of school and the writers did not know where to go with them. They could have just let them grow up but then they would have lost the younger crowd that followed them and the advertisement revenue that went with them. Now, with no place to go, the stars have gone to bed and they seem to not be able to get out and do anything. It just ruined the show and we no longer watch it. I guess Superman will have to learn to fly without us.

I must not forget those reality shows that are so cheap to produce and provide a good excuse for not doing the work and spending the money for something that is truly entertaining. Viewers will probably change without the knowledge of the producers and regular television will turn into just another infomercial that only the sleepy-eyed watch.

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