Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Big Ideas and Our Government

I just got filled in on Obama's approval rating and it has really gotten worse. His White House spokesman double-talked around them by saying something about a child with a crayon and his heart doctor. That is about as plan as the talk gets from the White House these days.

With Americans disapproving of Congress as well, it can be described as nothing else but running roughshod over the citizens when they go ahead and do whatever they well please. Makes me think they don't care what we think. Well, you will hear them talk over loudspeakers come election time about all the good they think is in 'the bill' but will not mention the bad. They will tell us how they had a big mess and are trying to clean it up.

We are being railroaded toward socialism by the present administration and the Democratic controlled Congress. It is a good thing we are all a bunch of good-natured folks out here in the trenches. I've said it before and I'll say it again: We need to build a fence around Washington DC and give them some monopoly money to play with - then start a real government someplace where our Constitution can be honored. Now, don't go looking for me in some camp in the mountains. I'm right out here in public trying to keep my utilities paid and some beans on the table. I just think the people ought to have some say so over the government. That's not a new idea.

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