Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hats off to Readers Digest

Readers Digest is thought provoking. You know the kind of thoughts that provoke your thinking. I gleaned from them some good information about omega-3 this week. I like the part about gaining some good percentages by consuming those omega-3 rich foods. That's not news but it's just the way they put it. I don't usually try to build up magazines but you know...give credit...

They got a nice father and son story about elk and bear.... Your welcome!

The jokes are not as good as they use to be but learning some about humor around the world was a kick. Presidents need to get a load of that.

Besides doing a little lite reading, I've been breaking beans and washing them three times. I was wondering if since I have to break them one at time do I have to wash them one at a time. Anyway, I didn't. Hope that was alright. 'Nobody cares about that stuff.' 'I reckon, but come winter, them beans will taste good.' 'I know. I was talking about telling it on a blog.' 'Oh. I see. Y'all forget that part.'

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