Monday, August 3, 2009

Talk about Honking Your Horn

If President Obama was a car, we would think the security device was stuck. He is on television 'all the time'. The media loves it.

Well, I'm suppose to respect the president. I do really, he has a hard job if he does it. All this talk, though, makes everything he says less important. A president should make an issue of things when there is an issue that requires him to address the nation. The rest of the time those he has appointed over different things should do their job and part of that job is to explain what they are doing.

The old saying that talk is cheap has some merit. It is what a person does that shows what he is made of. I could talk about slopping the hogs all day but that wouldn't put any bacon on them if I never got up and fed them.

Mister Obama wants it both ways. He wants a nice family and has one but he does things against family values. He wants to be seen as a Bible believing man but does things that go against the Bible. He wants to be respected but lowers the dignity of the White House by having a beer part for three in his back yard. Besides that they didn't even have NASCAR going on.

I think in the final tally, we will find that Mister Obama has wasted a great opportunity to be president to all the people and to lift us up to a higher level of respect for each other.

As the political mask is chipped away, we will start to see the real man. We will see his deeds and find that that is who he really is. Who he really is may not match his words.

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