Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wilderness Living

I've been thinking about it for a number of years. I'd like to find that place by a good stream with lots of fish and a simple house or cabin with a few conveniences. Electricity would be nice but a diesel powered battery system would be alright. Indoor plumbing is just too convenient to do without. So, I suppose I am thinking of semi-wilderness living.

I've also been thinking about all the stuff we have that just takes up space. If I were to move, it would be a nightmare of packing and throwing away. I thought maybe it would be nice to just have what we need.

What's behind the moving to the sticks idea? Well, fences are not enough anymore. It takes space around you to have any peace. Where I live used to be country. Now we are elbow to elbow. I don't do well with elbow to elbow. I like to go on the porch without someone craning their neck to see if I'm drinking coffee or tea. I like to wash my car without someone starting a phone chain about it. If I miss a week mowing my yard, I'd just as soon it wasn't the topic of discussion for the entire week.

I'm country by nature. I like to stop off someplace along the road and eat a snack and listen to the creek splashing over the rocks. Around here, there are two ways to do that: stop in some one's yard which they frown on and pay the government a parking fee to visit one of their parks. I said their parks on purpose. If the parks were mine, as they often say, I would not charge myself to go there.

The Internet has a load of information but try to find a place out yonder and about all you get is real estate companies selling small tracts with half-million dollar houses on them. You could throw a rock and hit the next wilderness dweller's dog. So, if you know where a poor man can find some space, I'd be interested. They tell me the land in Belize is real cheap but I am sort of attached to this country. They say the land in Nova Scotia is pretty cheap but it's cold up there. The Yukon has under 50,000 people (28,000 in 1991, I guessed at the increase) but again it is really cold and not in the United States.

I wonder if you could take a load of plexi-glass up to the Yukon and build a dome to build a house in. It would be like a snow globe with the snow outside.

It is not that I totally don't like people. I just believe in moderation. You know too much of about anything is bad for you and I think it applies to people. People in closed in spaces just cannot get along for long. Mark it down, someone will want more than their share.

Alaska seems like a nice place unless you get further north. Most of the people live in the cities in the south. The only thing is you need plenty of money to back you up. It would not do to get stranded up there. You know, no food, no home and turning into a human ice cube.

I know few people see this blog but if you happen across it and have some beneficial knowledge about getting away from the crowds, I hope you will leave a comment.


  1. Milton, I couldn't agree with you more. That's what Wayne and I are wishing for. Although we live out in the county the neighbors are still too close. It shouldn't be too much to ask for - a little peace and quiet in our lives.

  2. It seems with real estate so high, the only way to do that would be the old way, in a group and lots of planning. Then you'd want to disperse the group on plenty of land to avoid the same congestion problem. Maybe a dome city in the frozen tundra. :)