Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Read It Again,again, again.....

Watching the evening news is like reading the same chapter of a book over and over. Well, I haven't done that but I'm sure it would be boring. The sad part is that there is the rest of the book you would like to get to but it's over and over on the first one.

I know there is a big ol' world out there where significant events are taking place. The New York media's idea of national news is going over to New Jersey (across the bridge) and report on what they think might be happening all over the United States.

If they want to report on the world they will find out where Hillary is an pull up some historical files from the archives to show us. Talk about being lazy.

And what about South and Central America. The place has to have a major earthquake for us to hear about them.

I am glad for the Internet. I can go there and find out a little about what is really happening on planet earth.

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