Thursday, August 27, 2009

Health Care Debate

In regard to the nation wide debate on Health Care, I must be myself and be skeptical. I have to ask myself: "What's in it for the Democrats including the President?" Do they want a feather in their cap for doing what others have tried and failed to do? Is it their snuggle up relationship with big health care organizations? What exactly has them so stirred up?

I doubt that they have suddenly developed a warmhearted feeling for all the poor people in the country. If they were so caring, they would not exempt themselves from restrictions they vote into law on the rest of us.

Even I know that the reason people cannot afford good care is because the cost is too high. It is too high because people are charging too much for everything. Now that took a lot of research.

Back when I was studying criminology, there was a course on white collar crime. One category in the study was on the medical field. They discussed the way patients are billed for charges. For example, you could charge $25 for swabbing a wound. If you split that action into several different actions, you can charge for the swab, the antiseptic, nurse fees, doctor's approval and the piece of gauze used to catch the excess antiseptic and make the charge say $125. So long as there is a different code for each process, it will fly.

Well, call me crazy but I think there are things that will go into that bill (the much debated health care bill) that will shock us when it is put into play. The end result will look nothing like what is being discussed. The end result will be that we, the consumer, will pay more (one way or the other) and we will have less control over our own life than ever before. On the 'bright' side, they will dope us up so we really don't care.

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