Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Identify Yourselves

My dad bought some little chickens back when we were young. His plan was to raise some laying hens so we could have eggs for breakfast. My older brother liked eating chicken. I tell you that so you will understand his motives here.

Dad told him 'Now we don't want any roosters in the pen so watch them and if you see one crowing, we will know it is a rooster and we will have it for supper'. My brother got to wanting some chicken to eat and so he started watching those chickens. They were all grown up now. He picked out a big fat one but it never crowed. That did not stop him. 'Dad I've been watching that chicken right there and I believe it is a rooster.' 'Well, catch it and we will have it for supper. And so he did.

A couple of weeks past and my brother got to wanting some more chicken to eat. He picked out a nice fat one and pointed it out to Dad. 'Catch it up and we will have it for supper.' And so he did. Right on schedule in two weeks, my brother picked out another one.

Dad is getting a little suspicious by this time so he told my brother to "Put it in a separate pen and we will watch it for a few days."

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