Wednesday, August 19, 2009


In all fairness, we need politicians. Someone has to run the country. I certainly don't want the job. I wish they had someplace they could all go to talk about things besides Washington DC. No one can think straight in that town, I was there for three years and never want to go back. I used to feel confused before I got to the city limits or district line, what ever they got. It is just an atmosphere of confusion. It is one of those places that just makes the ants crawl under your skin. How in the world do they think up there? Well, we know. Some of them surely enjoy it. 'Hi, I'm Congressman so and so." "I can top that, I'm SENATOR so and so." "Well I work in the White House." "Did you say work?" Laughter and spilled drinks. (Insert drum roll.)

I have nothing against politicians. At least, they live up to their title. As I said, I have nothing against them. As a matter-of-fact, I try to keep all I got hide from them. They will put a tax on it if they know about it.

The media is largely responsible for my feelings. They seldom tell about hardworking, dedicated, clean living, people of character who go to Washington for no personal gain but only to help the country. If the media did run across one of those they'd report them to immigration. The media could not believe that such people still live around here.

The media is alright. They look nice. They can read the teleprompter really good. Some even almost cry on sad stories about trees and ducks and dead critters.

Well, I'm awful grumpy today, so I will shut up and go watch the news to cheer me up.

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