Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Webster has decided to take the word privacy out of the dictionary with the next issue. The reason given was that there is no such thing as privacy. Just kiddin' but ain't it the truth?

The other day I was looking around to see if I could save money on my car insurance. I went to a site and filled in my name and address like they wanted and up popped every car I owned right down to the year. I had never done business with that company before. I also did a credit report just for kicks. The people who are checking my credit are the same people who send those junk mail / preapproved offers. (now spell check tells me preapproved is not in the dictionary - tell the mail man!)

I bought some auto parts and they wanted my phone number as usual. Up pops the size underwear I wear. Kiddin' 'bout that too but don't people just know too much about us.

You can be in the back yard, behind a row of hedges in the dark and if you trip, someone will ask you the next day if it hurt when you fell the other night.

I like the secret ballot we get to use at election time. Are you Republican or Democrat? Well, there goes my secrets. Then, you get letters thanking you for your support on your vote.

Some guy calls and says we noticed you gave such and such five years ago to help so and so. We'd like to ask you .... 'click'.

Yet will all this information sharing going on, you go someplace to get something taken care of, they still make you fill out those stupid forms. It's not because they need the information, they have it, they just want to see if you tell the same story this time.

Somebody told me the other day they pulled me up on a satellite.

Did you know hand held phones can be picked up on scanners? That's what I heard. I heard that legally, anything that goes out on the air waves is fair game. Ever wonder why your neighbor is mad at you? Call 911 and your house number goes out for anyone and everyone to hear. They probably think you are a fugitive.

Well, I need to go clean up the kitchen and put some clothes in the dryer. But you already knew that didn't you?

I am so convinced that people are listening that if I say anything in my house , even jokingly, that might be misunderstood or taken as a threat; I put in a disclaimer for those who are probably listening from across the road. I once held a Top Secret clearance, another reason for them to listen.

I'm sure that when I die, they will put a microphone in my casket to see if I talk in my sleep and tell some national secret.

Note: One of the question marks in this post is really a hidden camera, so quit frowning and sticking out your tongue. Yes, your hair looks fine and no that dress doesn't.....

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